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Through close cooperation with research and healthcare institutions, SWIX facilitates a healthy working environment and an environmentally focused culture.

Occupational environment in wax cabins – SWIX recommendations

Occupational environment in wax cabins – SWIX recommendations

From studies performed in wax cabins it has become evident that the amount of small particles is higher than earlier anticipated. The studies further show that CERA F powders create more small particles than the waxes. This has lead Swix to update our recommendations how to work in a wax cabin. 

From studies performed in wax cabins it has become evident that the amount of small particles is higher than earlier anticipated. The studies further show that CERA F powders create more small particles than the waxes. This has lead Swix to update our recommendations how to work in a wax cabin. 
Ventilation is essential, we recommend active ventilation which means use of a fan, that is only open a window is not necessary good enough. It is important to steer the air flow so that the breathing system of the user is above the intake of ventilation.

In combination to ventilation mainly due to difficulties in placing the suction entry over the whole ski we also recommend for wax technicians of many skis that they use mask with a gas and particle filter. For such filter to perform well it is important that the mask is well fitted to the face. Mask with overpressure system may be preferred as the performance of such mask is not so dependent of perfect fit in the facial area.  

Swix recommend the following type of protection equipment 


  • Particle P3, (white)
  • Gas A (brown), B (grey)
  • Facial mask with over pressure ventilation.


It is important to monitor the status of the filter and shift the filter according to instructions by the filter manufacturer. 

SWIX equip our own wax technicians with the following protection equipment, 

  • SCOTT Autolflow with Automask and combinationfilter A2B2P3 (colour coded, Brown, Grey and White)

There are other manufacturers with similar equipment that can be used, However always make sure that you use filters designed for the producers equipment.  

Further recommendations, 

Keep your waxing room clean and tidy.  

Always wash your hands after use and before meals. Never consume drinks and food in the waxing area.  

Waxes are chemicals and should be treated with precautions. Always follow the instructions and recommendations printed on packaging and instruction manuals. 


  • Wax room ventilation. Make the extra effort to see that the area where you work on skis has exhaust fans and fresh air supply. Race organizers usually give the location for working on race equipment too low a priority, and often the waxing areas have little or no ventilation.
  • If your waxing room does not have well enough ventilation we recommend the use of masks as stated above.
  • The mask should be used during the whole waxing process.
  • The mask and filter shall be store in a clean closed container.
  • Do not expose waxes to open flames such as from a waxing torch, heat guns, space heaters, fire places, etc. Do not smoke cigarettes while waxing with fluorocarbon or fluorinated hydrocarbon waxes. In fact, don’t smoke at all! There is a chemical danger associated with fluorocarbon waxes when they are overheated. If fluorocarbon waxes are exposed to a heat source having a temperature higher than approximately 300°C (570°F), the fluorocarbon material disintegrates developing a poisonous gas. Normal iron temperatures will not cause a harmful breakdown of Swix waxes.
  • When using power brushes for brushing waxes a substantial amount of wax “dust” particles occur. To prevent inhalation of the particles use a “particle” mask P3.
  • Use safety glasses when Roto-brushing.
  • If you question the quality of the waxes you are using, or feel that your exposure amount to waxing is extensive, use a respirator mask. See recommendation above. This type of mask is important to use when doing base repair with a burning polyethylene repair candle or base welder.
  • Be aware of the type of base cleaner you are using. Ensure good ventilation. Dispose the rags or Fiberlene properly.

To minimise to amount of small dust particles we consider the following, 

  • Rub on and cork products instead of ironing.
  • When ironing only use recommended iron temperatures and use irons where you can control the iron temperature well.
  • Lower the temperature on the iron while not waxing.
  • Place the iron away from your working area and in place where ventilation is sufficient.
Swix products and the environment

Swix products and the environment

Research has been Swix' main focus since its inception in 1946, continuing the focus on the  improvement and development of skiing. Along with the vision available to all, Swix offers world class products to skiers of all levels, recreational athletes as well as elite athletes. We are proud to guarantee non-toxic products that do not harm the environment.

Code of Conduct

At Swix Sport AS, we promote decent working and environmental standards in our supply chains. We cooperate closely with our suppliers and business partners in pursuit of this aim. Accordingly, we have prepared this code of conduct to illustrate what we expect of our suppliers and business partners. The code of conduct covers human rights, workers’ rights and the environment. Swix Sport AS is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (ETI Norway), a membership organisation for private and public enterprises and organisations. ETI Norway is a resource centre and an advocate for ethical trade practices. Swix Sport AS reports annually to ETI Norway. This report is made publicly available. Swix Sport AS is continuously seeking to improve policy and practice to assist suppliers in complying with this code of conduct.

Ski wax and health

Swix has a wide product range. Within the two main categories “kick” and “glide” we offer products for world cup athletes as well as recreational skiers, and all levels in-between. You can choose between products according to your needs and waxing competence level. “Swix School” provides easy access to how to apply the products.