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Swix products and the environment

Swix products and the environment

Research has been Swix' main focus since its inception in 1946, continuing the focus on the  improvement and development of skiing. Along with the vision available to all, Swix offers world class products to skiers of all levels, recreational athletes as well as elite athletes. We are proud to guarantee non-toxic products that do not harm the environment.


Corporate Responsibility 
Swix is the world leader in a number of areas within the ski, wax, equipment, and textile focused ski world. With this position comes responsibility. Swix maintains a strong social responsibility program and has a focus on environmental awareness in product production. This is repeated in all aspects, both in the choice of raw materials, the use of recyclable packaging and more. 

Swix is proud to confirm the following about the company and its products:

  • Wax is environmentally friendly and non toxic
  • The regulations from the State Pollution Control Authority and similar organizations abroad have audited and manage Swix policie
  • All products are classified and labeled in accordance with the applicable provisions
  • The rules relating to updating and distribution of safety data sheets are followed closely
  • There are no environmental risks associated with the products as both all wax groups are bio-degradable