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Blåswixbutikken Concept Store

Blåswixbutikken Concept Store

August 21 2015 we opened our new brand store to the public in Lillehammer, Norway. The doors opened at six in the morning, to what will be our new experience- and logistics center.

Blåswixbutikken Consept Store contains leading brands as Ulvang, Lundhags and Toko.


When the store opened,many customers had met up, to take part in this great experience together with us. This is something we've been working towards for several years and which we are very proud of.

On the opening day, you could be compete with known high-profile athletes such as Tarjei Bo, Emil Hegle Svendsen and Thomas Alsgaard in a mini ski jump or snowboard simulator.

The shop is located right by the E6 north of Lillehammer in the heart of some of Norway's best ski destinations. Here customers has a opportunity to see the breadth of our product range not only from Swix, but also from Ulvang, Lundhags and Toko.

In addition to seeing the goods, you can take part in Swix its history and see products that you might not know that Swix had produced!

Did you know we produced golf clubs for a short time?

Something that most people know that we produce are skiwaxes, and perhaps the most famous is Blåswixen. It has become a natural association for many Norwegians, and with Kvikk Lunsj, something we associate with trip.

So when visiting Blåswixbutikken, what is more natural than to see how it is produced? Through large windows at the store, one can see into the factory. Here you can follow the production and purchase freshly Blåswix straight from the assembly line.