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Environment and ethics

Ever since its foundation in 1946, we have had research and development as our main focus areas.

Environment and ethics:

  •  SWIX waxes contain no toxic compounds.
  • Swix follows all environmental agency guidelines in manufacuturing and distribution.
  • Swix uses fully-refined waxes, distriibuted in food grade packaging..
  • Swix waxes are bio-degradable.
  • Swix has a continual focus on environmental awareness in our production, in our choice of raw materials, the use of recyclable packaging, etc. creates the basis for our future choices and values. Swix supply chain is focused on efficiency and sustainability.

Code of Conduct


At Swix Sport AS, we promote decent working and environmental standards in our supply chains. We cooperate closely with our suppliers and business partners in pursuit of this aim. Accordingly, we have prepared this code of conduct to illustrate what we expect of our suppliers and business partners. The code of conduct covers human rights, workers’ rights and the environment. Swix Sport AS is a...

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Swix produkter og miljøet

Swix produkter og miljøet
Research has been Swix' main focus since its inception in 1946, continuing the focus on the  improvement and development of skiing. Along with the vision available to all, Swix offers world class products to skiers of all levels, recreational athletes as well as elite athletes. We are proud to guarantee non-toxic products that do not harm the environment.

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Cera F- "Helt i front med forskning og forbedring"

11. juli 1984 ble det levert en patentsøknad på et hvitt pulver. Dets egenskaper skulle senere sørge for at Swix skulle vokse seg enda større – denne gangen særlig i alpintmarkedet.Det var ved universitetet i Padova at professor Gambaretto gjennom sitt arbeid med studier av synteser av fluorforbindelser, kom frem til det banebrytende pulveret. Gjennom sitt samarbeid med den kjemiske fabrikken R...

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Occupational environment in wax cabins – SWIX recommendations

Occupational environment in wax cabins – SWIX recommendations
From studies performed in wax cabins it has become evident that the amount of small particles is higher than earlier anticipated. The studies further show that CERA F powders create more small particles than the waxes. This has lead Swix to update our recommendations how to work in a wax cabin.  From studies performed in wax cabins it has become evident that the amount of small particles i...

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Swix miljøstrategi

Swix miljøstrategi
Through close cooperation with research and healthcare institutions, SWIX facilitates a healthy working environment and an environmentally focused culture.

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